2013 – 02 – 05 : Fundamentals of Power Transformer Testing

The discussion will include Transformer Testing Technologies used for Field Testing of Power Transformers from 2 MVA and greater. Topics include: Sweep Frequency Response, Power Factor Testing, Core Excitation Testing, Leakage Reactance Testing, Turns Ratio Testing, Winding Resistance Testing, Insulation Resistance Testing, Oil Sample Testing.

This event is targeted at tertiary level students and recent graduates interested in learning about the basics of power transformer testing.


Sham Mahabir of Shamco Limited

Biography: The Managing Director, Mr. Sham Mahabir is a Registered Engineer and graduate of the University of the West Indies. He holds both a Bachelor of Science Degree (Upper Second Class Honors) in Electrical Engineering specializing in Power Systems and a Masters in Business Administration specializing in Finance. Mr. Mahabir has worked in Manufacturing and Contracting and has received extensive training in electrical systems including low voltage and high voltage systems at Square D Medium Voltage facilities (USA), Merlin Gerin medium voltage facilities (UK) and AVO Technical Institute (Dallas, Texas). Mr. Mahabir is also an approved High Voltage Testing Engineer.

Member of the Board of Engineering Code Committee and Chair of the Panelboard Sub Committee

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